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Upcoming Events

Supporting the legal industry with ongoing education to upskill and earn CPD points

Live Q&A Webinar
October 10, 2023

Introduction to Criminal Law Practice

October 10, 2023

1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST

1 CPD Point

Join Lauren Cassimatis, Founder and Principal Lawyer of Gallant Law, Founder and Chair of Connecting Lawyer Mums and Adjunct Lecturer at the College of Law, for the first instalment in her Criminal Law series.

This introductory webinar will address these key points:

• Practical insights and strategies on representing criminal law clients

• Managing a dynamic and fast paced practice

• Building advocacy skills and managing traumatic content

Live Q&A Webinar
October 16, 2023

Offers in Family Law – When, Where, How and Why?

October 16, 2023

12:30pm - 1:30pm AEST

1 CPD Point

Join Accredited Specialist in Family Law, CEO of The Family Law Education Network of Australia and Director of ALA Law Amanda Little to discuss the common mistakes made when putting together offers including:

• When to issue offers;

• What offer to issue;

• How to draft offers that comply with legislative requirements and case law;

• How to rely on offers to seek costs in family law matters.

On-demand Webinar
September 12, 2023

Implementing Fixed Fees in your Law Firm - Where To Begin?

It’s time to figure out your fixed fee pricing – where do you begin?

One of the hardest parts of moving to fixed fee billing is figuring out where to begin.   If you’re no longer charging an hourly rate, how do you value your time and services?

Join Clarissa Rayward as she takes you through 6 steps to getting started with Fixed Fees in your firm.

On-demand Webinar
August 23, 2023

To Negotiate, Mediate or Arbitrate, That Is The Question

Join Clarissa Rayward, Director of Brisbane Family Law Centre, as she discusses the opportunities and challenges to keep in mind when negotiating, mediating or arbitrating in family law matters.

The webinar will address these key points:

• How to build a case plan for resolution of matters

• Which process and when? What to consider when working out the right process for your client

• How to build a bespoke process - have you considered an arbitrated mediation?

On-demand Webinar
August 31, 2023

Testamentary Trusts and Advanced Estate Planning Strategies

Join Vik Sundar, Managing Director of Clear Law, for the third instalment in his Estate Planning webinar series.

Building on his previous two webinar sessions, Vik will explore advanced estate planning strategies involving testamentary trusts including:

• Special disability trusts;

• Right of residences;

• Capital protected trusts; and

• Blended family strategies

On-demand Webinar
August 29, 2023

Tips and Traps from Successful Law Firm Owners

Join Amanda Little CEO of FLENA, The Businesses Minded Lawyer and ALA Law and her panel of successful firm owners to discuss:

• The life of a firm owner – the highs and the lows;

• The tips to running a successful practice;

• What they would do differently to achieve better results;

• Traps they should be aware of in running a firm; and

• To share some insightful stories and experiences

On-demand Webinar
August 10, 2023

Rights of the Injured: Pursuing Claims for Compensation in Victoria

Join Sach Fernando, Principal of Maxiom Injury Lawyers, as he discusses the rights of injured Victorians pursuing claims for compensation in Victoria.

In this webinar, Sach will discuss the entitlements of individuals who have sustained injuries at work, on the road or due to medical negligence. The session will also explore recent awards of damages in personal injuries matters.

On-demand Webinar
July 26, 2023

Collaborative Practice: The Role of the Coach

Collaborative Practice pulls together family professionals with different knowledge and experience to provide a holistic service to our clients.  It is the only family law process that offers this model to families during separation.

Join Collaborative Lawyer Clarissa Rayward and Mediator and Collaborative Coach, Shelby Timmins as they explain the role of a coach in collaborative practice and how this process can assist you and your clients.

On-demand Webinar
July 24, 2023

Preparing Effective Family Law Affidavits for Case Strategy

Join Accredited Specialist and CEO of The Family Law Education Network of Australia, Amanda Little, as she takes you through preparing effective Affidavits in family proceedings that will not only meet evidentiary requirements but will also serve your case strategy and please the bench.

On-demand Webinar
June 20, 2023

FileMan and Smokeball - Work Better Together to Improve your Information Security

Join us for an informative webinar on how FileMan can transform the way lawyers manage their paper and electronic files while ensuring compliance with privacy laws in Australia.

During this live webinar, there will be a product demo to showcase the seamless integration between FileMan and Smokeball, and how this solution can benefit your firm in streamlining and levelling up on security.  You will also learn all about:

• How to eliminate paper clutter and data bloating, including secure storage solutions

• Advanced security features that protect sensitive client information, including ISO 19005 compliance, access controls, and data backups.

On-demand Webinar
July 6, 2023

Getting the best out of those Fixed Fees

So you have implemented fixed fees in your firm but there are probably a few challenges- sometimes the sense that you didn’t charge enough or that scope creep that you can’t reign back in!

Join Clarissa Rayward as she shares her tips on getting the best out of your fixed fees - from scoping to technology and customer experience.

On-demand Webinar
May 25, 2023

The Art of an Interview: Client Interview Tips to Improve your Practice as a Family Lawyer

So much of our success in our role as a family lawyer is dependent on our ability to truly understand and obtain information from our clients.

Join family Lawyer Clarissa Rayward and she shares her tips on client interviewing- from that first meeting and all along the way.

On-demand Webinar
May 15, 2023

Moving Past Key Points in Your Business Development

Now that you have established your law firm – where to from here?

From hiring your first staff member to setting up policies, training, and business development, join CEO and Director of ALA Law Amanda Little to discuss how to develop your firm and reach its full potential.

On-demand Webinar
May 18, 2023

Estate Planning - Testamentary Trusts Master Class

In this second instalment of his Estate Planning webinar series, Vik Sundar will look at:

• Simple wills vs testamentary trusts.

• The taxation of a testamentary trust and the potential tax benefits.

• Asset protection and testamentary trusts and use of a ‘3 tier asset protection’ structure.

• Drafting testamentary trusts.

• The use of preservation ages and the difference between discretionary testamentary trusts and protective trusts.

• Use of protective trusts for spendthrift beneficiaries and beneficiaries with disabilities.

On-demand Webinar
May 3, 2023

Verification of Identity (VOI) in the Digital Era: Explore the cutting-edge VOI integration between Smokeball and InfoTrack

Join us for our upcoming live webinar, hosted by Smokeball Client Success Manager, Kim Thai and InfoTrack Client Relationship Manager, Zack Hart.

They will demonstrate the latest enhancements to the VOI integration feature, which enables you to meet your VOI requirements securely without leaving Smokeball.

Along with this exciting demo, Kim and Zack will share valuable insights on various topics, including:

• The growing trend of firms using remote VOI and reasons behind it

• Convenience factors for clients and the rise of electronic services

• Exploring recent data breaches such as Latitude and what they mean for the integrity of VOI

Don’t miss this engaging and informative session that will provide valuable insights and practical solutions for your firm’s needs.

On-demand Webinar
April 19, 2023

Collaborative Practice: Working Together to Better Support Separating Families

Collaborative Practice is a growing dispute resolution process in Australia and is now regularly used in family law, estate and commercial disputes.  

Join Clarissa Rayward, Collaborative Lawyer and President of the Qld Association of Collaborative Professionals to learn how and why Collaborative Practice will help your clients.

On-demand Webinar
April 21, 2023

The Art of Persuasion in Family Law

Join Accredited Specialist and FDRP Amanda Little to discuss the art of persuasion in family law.

In this live webinar, Amanda will discuss how to reposition difficult clients to reach resolution via negotiation or during mediation in family law matters.

On-demand Webinar
February 27, 2023

Starting a Law Firm

Join Accredited Specialist and FDRP Amanda Little as she guides you through the process of establishing a law firm. Come away with an actionable roadmap of how to get your firm off the ground – from the basics of accounting to the development of branding and a business plan.

On-demand Webinar
March 22, 2023

To Fix those Fees or Not? Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Alternate Fee Structures for Your Law Firm

Have you considered moving away from the billable hour but don’t know where to begin? Sure, you can toss those time sheets but how do you price your products and services without that trusty billable hour?

Join Clarissa Rayward as she shares 5 reasons why you should consider tossing those time sheets and embracing alternate fee structures in your law firm.

On-demand Webinar
March 27, 2023

Introduction to Estate Planning

Join specialist estate planning lawyer and Managing Director of Clear Law, Vik Sundar, as he explores key concepts for practitioners advising clients on estate planning. As the first part of our new estate planning series, this webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the Private Wealth Law precedents available in the marketplace
  • Estate and non-estate assets
  • Dealing with companies and trusts
  • Superannuation and estate planning
  • Formulating an estate plan
On-demand Webinar
March 15, 2023

Website Design - Getting one of your biggest business assets right

Is your law firm's website missing the mark and failing to convert? In this webinar, Law Firm Marketing Specialist Mel Telecican shares top tips on how you can differentiate from your competitors with website design essentials specific to law firms, including:

  • The top 5 essentials every legal website needs
  • Common ways law websites miss the mark & what to do instead
  • Website platform types
  • What to know about great website UI & UX - User Interface and User Experience
  • Website Content Tips - the challenging bit for most firm owners
  • What's new in 2023 website design
On-demand Webinar
March 7, 2023

Bringing your Best and Getting the Best out of Families During Separation and Divorce

Relationship breakdown is said to be one of the most significant grief events any of us can experience and with that comes a wild ride of emotions that can be impossible to control. Working with clients in the family law system comes with its own unique set of challenges and can take a toll on the practitioners involved.

Join family lawyer, Clarissa Rayward for a live interactive webinar as she shares practical tips on getting the best out of your clients and yourself when working as a family lawyer.

On-demand Webinar

Brand Building and Practice Visibility in 2023

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, ensuring you and your firm has strong market presence has never been more vital to small law firm success. During this webinar, join Mel Telecician, Director of LawUE who will conduct a deep-dive into brand-building including:

  • Proven strategies to increase brand visibility
  • How to leverage your firm's vision and values at your current stage of business
  • Networking strategies for you and your team
  • How to get the best out of engaging a branding, design or marketing team; plus
  • Practical resources to help you build your brand in 2023
Recorded Webinar
November 9, 2022

State of Small Law Webinar

The past several years has seen small law firms across Australia experience a rapid rate of change and disruption in the markets that they operate in. To remain afloat and maintain success during such uncertain times, it is essential that small law firm leaders closely monitor the market trends of the small law sector.

To address this critical need, Smokeball Australia are pleased to deliver the 2022 State of Small Law Webinar. Join Smokeball Chief Revenue Officer, Jane Oxley as she is joined by Andrea Foot, Non-Executive Director and Executive Coach, Leaf Logic, as they present the key findings of the 2022 Smokeball State of Small Law Survey.

Key Takeaways:

·      Top 5 Challenges Small Law Firms Have Faced in The Last Year

·      Top 5 Priorities for Small Law Firms Over the Next 12-Months

·      Shifting Approaches to Hybrid Work

·      Rates of Technology Adoption and it’s Influence on Profitability

Live Q&A Webinar
September 8, 2022

Low-Cost High-Value Marketing for Time Poor Practice Owners

Discover how you can most cost-effectively promote your services and skills to drive enquiries to your practice.

As someone who spends every day learning, testing and optimising marketing initiatives exclusively for law firms, Mel is aware of what is and isn’t working in today’s marketing landscape. She is also aware that when you are a solo practitioner or run a boutique firm, the last thing you need is another person telling you what you need to do to drive more business when it will require significant time, money, or both.

This webinar will ensure you are familiar with the most high-yielding marketing opportunities to drive awareness of your practice and enquiries.

On-demand Webinar

Starting A Law Firm: Tips & Traps from an Award-Winning Principal Lawyer

Starting a new law firm involves many moving parts that all need to fit together correctly to set you up for long-term success. From securing the right equipment and software to implementing an effective and sustainable growth strategy, it is essential that you are correctly poised before taking the plunge and establishing your own firm.

Join us as we welcome Jane Oxley, Chief Revenue Officer, Smokeball and Amanda Little, Principal Solicitor, Amanda Little & Associates, who will provide you with an actionable road map that you can put into place when starting up your law firm. This session will firstly cover the basic steps of establishing your firm and will then explore the journey that multi-award-winning principal Amanda Little undertook when starting her own law firm. This will include an overview of the traps that many law firms need to be wary of while starting out, as well as the tips that she believes can help small law firms achieve long-term success.

Presented by Jane Oxley, Chief Revenue Officer, Smokeball and Amanda Little, Principal Solicitor, Amanda Little & Associates.

On-demand Webinar

Getting Your Law firm Off The Ground: Delivery Is Key

Who are you?

Join Amanda Little from “The Business Minded lawyer” to discuss the importance of branding and consistency in approach when marketing your law firm.

From the colours you choose, to the website you build, the image you use in your marketing materials and the way your write – it all feed back into the brand you portray and how you connect with your ideal client.

Presented by Amanda Little, Principal Solicitor, Amanda Little & Associates.

On-demand Webinar

Converting Your Client Inquiries into Billable Matters

Are you receiving an influx of new client enquiries, attending many initial consultations, but your conversion rates are low?

Join Accredited Specialist Amanda Little to discuss the art of conversion for Family Law matters, to take your law firm enquiries into viable, billable matters.

Presented by Amanda Little, Principal Solicitor, Amanda Little & Associates.

On-demand Webinar

Improving Productivity & Profitability through Psychological Safety & Inclusion

Conversations about psychological safety, inclusion and diversity are ever-increasing but why are these concepts important and how do they affect our daily lives or businesses? How can inclusion help our teams, clients and bottom line?

This session looks beyond theories, concepts, and explores how these ‘hot button’ concepts affect us, our business and the clients we serve in practical, tangible terms. In this session, attendees will takeaway the following learnings.

  • What is psychological safety and the importance of creating psychological safe spaces in the workplace
  • The relationship between psychological safety and inclusion
  • How to effectively build and maintain psychologically safe and inclusive workplaces

Presented by Sheetal Deo, collaborator, lawyer, advocate and educator.

On-demand Webinar

Find Your Legal Practice Management Match

With so many legal practice management software tools now available on the market, how can you quickly identify the best fit for your law firm's needs and goals?

Watch this unique event, as eight legal technology industry experts showcase powerful software tools that will maximise your law firm's efficiency, revenue, and team collaboration.

On-demand Webinar

State of Family Law Webinar: Practical and Theoretical Insights into the FCFCOA Merger

The 2022 State of Family Law Webinar will feature a collaborative discussion between key leaders in family law, who will provide an in-depth overview of the practical and theoretical implications of the FCFCOA Merger. The webinar will be CPD accredited and free to attend.

We are delighted to welcome to the 2022 State of Family Law Webinar:

  • Fiona Kirkman, CEO, FamilyProperty and Principal, Kirkman Family Law
  • Amanda Little, Principal Solicitor, Amanda Little & Associates
  • Anne-Marie Rice, Senior Judicial Registrar and Executive Director - Dispute Resolution, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia
  • Therese Aroyan, Project Manager & Product Owner, FamilyProperty, (Host and Moderator)
On-demand Webinar

The Documents - Building Your Fixed Fee Proposals and Having a Go

How does Fixed Fee billing look when it’s put into action? Let’s talk documents.

It’s time to create your fixed fee proposal templates. Join us as we welcome Clarissa Rayward, Director, Brisbane Family Law Centre, who will help you put together all the pieces involved in switching to fixed-fee billing, and show you what it looks like to build and design your very own fixed fee proposal template.

Putting your template together is such an important part of the fixed fee process – for you, your business, and your clients. Learn how to put together your documents (and give it a go yourself) to see your new fixed-fee billing model come together. Goodbye, timesheets!

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre aka 'The Happy Family Lawyer

On-demand Webinar

Fixed Fee Pricing - Steps and Considerations When Valuing Your Services

So it’s time to figure out your fixed-fee pricing – where do you begin? One of the hardest parts of moving to fixed-fee billing is figuring out what your price should be. If you’re no longer charging an hourly rate, how do you value your time and services?

Join Clarissa Rayward, Director, Brisbane Family Law Centre, and learn the steps and considerations in pricing and valuing your services – including some ‘out of the box’ considerations that make all the difference to your fixed fee business.

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre aka 'The Happy Family Lawyer

On-demand Webinar

How to Market Your Law Firm with No Time and No Money

Most lawyers understand that marketing is an essential part of building a practice. The problem? When you’re running a law firm, finding the right time balance to allow you to actually “do some marketing” is seriously challenging. Inevitably, the never-ending string of client requests and demands take the bulk of your day and the majority of your energy.

So, is there a way that you can implement a marketing program for your practice without having to spend five hours a day having coffees with prospects? Yes!

Join us as we welcome Chris Hargreaves, who will provide a digital marketing masterclass with a specific focus on:

  • The foundation principles of effective digital marketing
  • The main roadblocks that prevent most lawyers from implementing successful digital marketing strategies, and how to get around them
  • A practical marketing strategy you can implement immediately, with only 15 minutes or less a day

Presented by Chris Hargreaves, Owner, Known, Liked and Trusted

On-demand Webinar
December 2, 2021

How to Scope - Building Project Plans for your Client Files

Scoping – a vital part of fixed-fee billing, but how do you do it right?

Scoping can seem daunting, especially in matters that surpass your initial fixed fee scope. Well, good news – this is totally in your control. In this webinar, Clarissa will take you through all the steps involved in scoping, including; how you can build project plans for your client files, how to make sure you can create detailed scopes that allow flexibility and transparency.

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre

On-demand Webinar
October 28, 2021

Fixed Fee Pricing 101 for Small Law Firms

Timesheets! Aren’t they just the best thing? * Said no lawyer, ever! Moving away from time-based billing can be an absolute game-changer for small law firms looking to streamline their billing processes.

Join Clarissa Rayward and learn the essential tactics and numbers involved in implementing Fixed and Value pricing successfully - so that you can toss those timesheets once and for all.

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre

On-demand Webinar

The Future for Family Lawyers- Best Practice When Working with Separating Families

Life as a Family Lawyer has always come with its own unique set of opportunities and challenges. Join Clarissa Rayward as we reconsider the role of a Family Lawyer in 2022, the skill set required and discuss some of the great tools available that can make lawyer’s jobs a little easier too.

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre aka 'The Happy Family Lawyer

On-demand Webinar

Personal Brand! The Key to Success in Today’s Professional Services Market

Your personal brand is your reputation but in our online world, lawyers have more opportunity than ever before to leverage their individual brand at scale.

Join Clarissa Rayward as she explores the power of curating your personal brand when it comes to your business and career as a lawyer.

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre aka 'The Happy Family Lawyer

On-demand Webinar

3 Things we can All Do Right Now to Make the World a Better Place

Join Clarissa Rayward as she shares three essential skills we can all call on that have a dual effect in bringing calm to what can often feel like chaos in our professional and personal worlds as lawyers but also have a bigger impact on the world we all live in.

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre aka 'The Happy Family Lawyer

On-demand Webinar

How to master Next Generation InfoTrack Integration

Next Generation Integration with InfoTrack and Smokeball takes your productivity to the next level. Transform the way you complete everyday tasks like verifying a client’s identity. Achieve even more efficiencies by reducing the need for repeat data entry. Create and complete matters with ease.

Join this masterclass for a deep dive into Next Generation Integration and discover how implementing the right practice management software and integrations can optimise firm efficiency, increase mobility and make the transition to a paperless office seamless.

Presented by Brendan Smart, InfoTrack Chief Revenue Officer and Michael Wong, Smokeball National Renewals Manager.

On-demand Webinar

It’s All in the Mind! Changing How You See the World to Create a Happier You

In this webinar, Clarissa Rayward will show you why your mindset is a huge strength in managing lawyer life. From our individual wellness, to leading teams and building lasting client relationships, your mindset will play a significant role in your success. This workshop will explore the available tools to harness and improve your mindset - so you can lead a happier life in and outside of practising law.

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre aka 'The Happy Family Lawyer

On-demand Webinar
September 2, 2021

Shake it Off! Is Confetti the Answer to the Modern Lawyers Problems?

Two decades of research continues to show us that lawyers are struggling with elevated rates of psychological ill-health, burn out and stress. But, despite all the research, we still have a long way to go. Clarissa will tackle the question of "what’s next?" in the conversation about lawyer wellness. We know the challenges, we have the research, so what do we need to do to finally reduce the high rates of poor health and dissatisfaction. The answer might lie in confetti! Not in its actual form but rather in all that it stands for.

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre aka 'The Happy Family Lawyer

On-demand Webinar
August 4, 2021

The 5 traits of a Happy Lawyer in Law and in Life

Happiness and law are two concepts that are not readily seen together. For those practising law, we should be looking for ways to ensure that our careers allow us to enjoy a happy life. Drawing from research and work from her book of the same name, Clarissa Rayward will take you through the five key elements you need to successfully manage and build a fulfilling career in law and life outside of it.

Presented by Clarissa Rayward, Director Brisbane Family Law Centre aka 'The Happy Family Lawyer

On-demand Webinar

Bill More, Without Your Clients Paying More

Want to bill more without your clients paying more? Sounds impossible, but it's true! ​The combination of Smokeball's best in class productivity features with our unique automatic time tracking will increase your billings and your client's satisfaction - no matter how you bill.

During this webinar, learn how you can get your work done faster using Smokeball's powerful productivity tools. And discover how using our time tracking will help you know exactly where you make and lose money; to better optimise your profitability.

Presented by Hunter Steele, Smokeball Chief Executive Officer and Jane Oxley Smokeball Chief Revenue officer

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