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Billing and Trust Accounting

Enjoy easy legal billing with all of the tools in one place

Track Fees and Expenses

  • Enter multiple fees and expenses quickly
  • Set up to suit your firm
  • Automatically track time directly back to matter on all activities

Reporting and Invoicing

  • Customise invoice style/content
  • Bulk invoicing
  • Get paid faster
  • Seamless integration with Smokeball’s Firm Insights

Powerful Integrations

  • With Xero
  • Communicates seamlessly with Smokeball
  • All billing activity recorded
  • Look after money safely

Create easy-to-read and easy-to-deliver invoices for your clients

Smokeball is unlike any legal practice management software because of how all your firm’s activity is captured and saved back to the matter. Our automatic time tracking means you’ll never miss another billable minute and can easily send custom invoices and collect payments.

More frequent invoicing means your chances of getting paid go up, so get a handle on your bills with Smokeball Billing. Whether you work for an hourly fee, flat fee, or on contingency, Smokeball Billing is a powerful tool that improves efficiency for all users, billers and bookkeepers alike.

Enjoy easy legal billing with all of the tools in one place

Unlike server-based billing systems, you don’t need a computer science degree to bill accurately and quickly on each file with a secure, hybrid cloud based application.

Smokeball Billing’s features, functionality, and integrations are powerful yet simple and easy to use. Because Smokeball Billing is completely integrated and included with your legal and conveyancing software, your business runs completely from one seamless system.

Seamless integration with MYOB and Xero

With Smokeball, you can be confident that all your billing activity will be recorded. Our seamless integration with Xero ensures that you can look after your client's money safely.

When an invoice is paid in Smokeball Billing, the receipt of funds into your office bank account in Xero is seamless. Smokeball Billing does this by posting journal entries in your Xero.

To get started, all you need to do is switch on the integration in firm settings by authorising Smokeball Billing to connect to your Xero account.

More time tracked, more billable time

Smokeball Billing’s direct interaction with automatic time tracking in Smokeball also means that Smokeball can do all your time entries for you.

Smokeball will build daily time entries that you can review and invoice without any manual data entry whatsoever. Your clients have a simple modern option to make their invoice payments with security from a credit card. Smokeball Billing software also includes extensive reporting, so you know the financial state of each of your matters.

​Complete legal practice management software

If you find yourself creating similar types of time/fee or expenses, activity codes will save you time.

​Easily create your own timesheet with customised activity codes and fast data entry, then use Smokeball’s billing software features to take your tracked hours on all activities such as emails read and drafted, document management and events.

You’ll be able to receive daily updates looking at firm profitability and create detailed reports on what you’ve worked on per day, by staff member and matter, all in one system with no need to add additional law office software or portals.

Your entire firm. One seamless platform.

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