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All your matters in the one place

In Smokeball, we’ve taken your entire client’s matter with related emails, documents, tasks, events and contacts, making them all accessible and viewable in one place.

Increase Productivity

  • Get more done, from anywhere
  • Collaborate with your staff
  • Know your To-Dos
  • Don’t miss a beat!

Increase Organisation

  • One place for everything
  • Docs, emails, info, billing
  • Daily Digest
  • Less stress

Increase Profitability

  • Less time on admin
  • Helps your staff
  • Take on more work
  • Billing and Trust Accounting

Find the information you need when you need it with the best legal matter management software

In a busy law firm your team needs tools like email management, document automation and law firm task reminders to stay on top of their work. Smokeball makes it easy for you to stay organised and productive by pulling every piece of matter information in from across your firm with our advanced matter management software for law firms.

The digital file is the signature screen in Smokeball practice management software, from where you can access every email sent and received, past and current versions of documents, important dates, key figures, contacts and much more. This makes it easy for your team to work together, regardless of where they are working from.

Legal matter management to stay in the loop

In Smokeball, we’ve taken your entire client’s matter with related emails, documents, tasks, events, contacts and made them all accessible and viewable in one place. ​Smokeball gives you the ability to truly become a paperless office by organising everything on your matter for you in seconds.

Every email sent and received is saved in one secure place. You will now never have to drag and drop or save the email in multiple locations. Every email is tagged to the related matter and accessible from the digital file.

​In Smokeball, multiple users can work seamlessly on the same matter with all documents, emails and notes saved centrally. Stop forwarding or cc’ing a colleague a document or email. With Smokeball, you can collaborate with your team. Everyone has access to every file and can pick up where you left off.

Know what to do next with the best legal matter management tool

With Smokeball’s law firm workflow software, sets of tasks are available to apply across your practice. Let Smokeball’s workflows hand the correct task, with documents included, to the correct person at the right time. Set tasks against each other within the workflows so that tasks appear only when prescriptive tasks have been completed.

Access information anywhere on any device

Working outside of the office? Using the Smokeball mobile app for lawyers you will have client matter information available and within reach at all times.

​You will have the ability to access your matter when you’re out and about without an internet connection and be able to pull up that client's document in seconds. Forget emailing yourself or contacting someone in the office — you have all your files in your hands making you more efficient than ever before.

Legal matter management software built for your practice area

Smokeball comes out of the box with matter types that are pre-built for all common practice areas. Thousands of automated precedents come standard with Smokeball, however you can also easily set up your own forms and letters from scratch using our document automation integration with Microsoft Word.

  • Enter property details and calculate settlement figures for your conveyancing matters.
  • Manage trust and will details for your estate planning matters.
  • Have children's and experts details at your fingertips for your family law matters.

Automate your practice for the following practice areas:​
- Family Law     - Wills & Estates
- Conveyancing     - Leasing
- Business Sale & Purchase     - Franchise
- Litigation     - Mortgage
- Immigration Law     - Personal Injury
- Employment Law     - Criminal Law

Your entire firm. One seamless platform.

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