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Criminal Law Forms and Precedents

Smokeball houses thousands of practice area-specific Federal, State, administrative, and publicly available forms. You and your staff will eliminate time and error by knowing that you have the most up-to-date legal documents with accurate information automatically pulled from the Smokeball file.

New South Wales
  • Application for Witness to Give Evidence to Audio Visual Link or Telephone
  • Application to Vacate a Hearing Date
  • Local Court Listing Advice
  • Notice of Appearance in Summary Criminal Trials
  • Subpoena for Production and to Give Evidence
  • Affidavit
  • Application
  • General Application
  • Notice of Appearance
  • Notice of a Practitioner Acting
  • Notice of a Practitioner Ceasing to Act
  • Notice that Legal Practitioner has Ceased to Act
  • Request for Contested Summary Hearing
  • Subpoena Both to Attend to give Evidence and to Produce
  • Subpoena to Attend to Give Evidence
  • Subpoena to Produce
  • Summary Case Conference Form
  • Witness Summons
  • Affidavit
  • Affidavit of Service
  • Application for a Direction or Ruling
  • Application to Transmit Summary Charge to the Supreme or District Court
  • General Form of Application to a Court
  • General Form of Order
  • Notice to be Served with Form 21 Subpoena
  • Notice to be Served with Form 22 Subpoena
  • Subpoena to Attend Court
  • Subpoena to Produce a Document to the Proper Officer of the Court
  • File Cover Sheet - Criminal General
  • Initial letter to Client with Cost Disclosure
  • Sample Costs Disclosure and Costs Agreement
  • Standard Costs Disclosure Form for Clients - Fees Under $3000 - Schedule 1 Form 1
  • Brief to Counsel Cover Sheet
  • Character Reference Guide
  • Letter to Client advising of Hearing Date
  • Letter to Client confirming Counsel will appear
  • Letter to Client confirming PLea
  • Letter to Client reporting outcome of Court appearance
  • Letter to Counsel enclosing Brief
  • Letter to Police requesting Brief items
  • Letter to Process Server (General)
  • Letter to Client finalising matter
  • Lexon Insurance Criminal Pack

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