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Legal Documents

Marketplace Precedents gets Bigger and Better with our Newest Author - Rachael Bosnjak  

Access all new high-quality immigration precedents through Smokeball's subscription based service - Marketplace Precedents.

Marketplace Precedents is Smokeball’s subscription-based add-on service that connects you to a library of professionally crafted and always up-to-date precedents.

Since its launch last year, we have seen this service consistently in high demand, with Smokeball clients telling us they love this add-on as it helps them save serious time drafting legal documents from scratch.

We are pleased to announce that Rachael Bosnjak is our newest author to add her legal precedents, Passage Learning to our library.

Rachael is an immigration specialist, and her high-quality immigration precedents are now available in Smokeball Legal Practice Management Software.

More about Rachael Bosnjak and why she has partnered with Smokeball 

Rachael Bosnjak is the Founder and Director of Passage Migration Consulting and the star of the YouTube channel, Diary of a Migration Lawyer. Rachael created her firm to move away from a traditional law firm model and adopt a human-centred way of offering legal services. Described as not your average lawyer, Rachael’s experience speaks for itself.

She has more than 12 years of experience in immigration law, working with businesses large and small, as well as individuals and refugees all over the world –t his experience is where all the content for Diary of a Migration Lawyer is taken from.

"Automated precedents will create an efficient, simple, and human process for handling visa applications and communicating with clients. I am very grateful to Smokeball for creating a functional platform to make this happen!" Rachael Bosnjak

Passage Learning offers more than just precedents 

Aside from precedents, Rachael has curated a selection of immigration packs, questionnaires, tools, and templates to help save you hours drafting immigration documents.

Here’s what you can access as part of Passage Learning’s library:  

  1. Risk Management packsfor each visa subclass – Questions for practitioners about critical criteria and a checklist of key documents for a decision-ready application, help to mitigate risk and drive efficiencies
  2. Questionnairesfor each visa subclass – Aligns with the visa that the practitioner is working on
  3. Tools  – Complement the resources to support best practice
  4. Emails  – For each step of the way when handling a visa application or other mitigation process
  5. Templates  – For submissions and letters which guide success

Pricing for Passage Learning 

Pricing for the Passage Learning  subscription package starts at $99 + GST per month, per firm.

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